Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Catch-Up Time

I really appreciate everyone that is following along on the reading challenge.  I even ran into some people that are starting up this week after hearing about how much fun I was having.  To that end, here's what I propose:

For the remainder of this week and next week, let's have a catch-up phase.  Some readers have told me they are having a hard time keeping up.  Well, the journey is the fun part and I don't want to rush through something to the point it becomes stressful.  Take the time to catch-up, it will give me a chance to read ahead so I can have something to write about each week.

If you're just starting, make sure not to skip the intro materials and do your best to get closer to our current week.  I recommended in a past post using audio books when available so you can get through some reading during a commute or while knocking out some gym time.

Well, the insolent suitors at Ulysses house are looking to sacrifice more of his herd...back to the Odyssey!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 10 Reading

  1. The Odyssey of Homer, Books IX-XII (GBWW Vol. 3, pp. 384-427)
  2. Crito by Plato (GBWW Vol. 6, pp. 213-219)
  3. Observations on Mental Education” by Michael Faraday (GGB Vol. 7, pp. 208-232; the lecture begins on p. 39 of the linked file)
  4. The Empty Column” by Tobias Dantzig (GGB Vol. 9, pp. 178-189; Chapter 2 of Number: The Language of Science)
  5. The New Atlantis by Francis Bacon (GBWW Vol. 28, pp. 199-214)
  6. The Art of Life” by Walter Pater (GGB Vol. 10, pp. 258-261; the concluding section to The Renaissance)