Monday, September 25, 2017

Becoming Superfly YouTube Takes Off! Exodus Wallet and Scam of the Week

8,000 views, 40 subscribers?!?! To the moon! I heard the cries, they yelled "one video per's that face!" Okay okay...sheesh. Exodus Wallet and the Scam of the Week.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Robin Hood Pays the Squad

Bitconnect is a method many YouTubers are using to make extraordinary returns in a very short amount of time.  This program is a Ponzi scheme.  That means that it is set up to pay users with the money from new users.  People pushing the program are not telling you that.  It is possible to make money through a program like this (a lot of money) as long as you aren't in when the music stops.  To maximize earning potential it is crucial to bring new users into the program.  If you are working on a team, this is much easier to accomplish.  In Bitconnect you get a portion of the money someone who you referred, loans to the program.  It's only fair to return some of that money to them.  I give half back to people on my team.  This gets them their capital back quickly, and assists me in doing the same.  The plan is to get your squad paid first.

Regal Coin is the same type of program and is even designed to look a lot like Bitconnect.  Because it is a brand new program, I suspect we have a little more time to make money before they close down and take everything.  Same deal as need to pay forward referral earnings to help everyone who assisted you make money.  The entire system is a gamble so never invest what you aren't willing to lose.

If either of these sites are something you want to gamble with, use my links then send me a note letting me know you did so I can send you some of your money.  Let's beat these guys together.