Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 9 Reading

It's been a tough couple weeks keeping up with the pages.  The original designer of the program argues that the extra reading will alleviate some of the stress in the upcoming years (specifically during long Shakespearean seasons).  The Odyssey was difficult for me.  It's a lot of characters to keep straight and names we just don't use on the daily.  Pro tip- downloaded the Odyssey on audio book using the Overdrive app and I plug through it on my commute.  Definitely helps keep me on track.  Here's what we have this week.  Remember, if you fall behind, that's ok.  Just pick up where you can.  Small, positive changes are an investment that compounds of the years.

  1. The Odyssey of Homer, Books V-VIII (GBWW Vol. 3, pp. 350-383)
  2. The Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) (GGB Vol. 6, pp. 415-417)
  3. A Call to Patriots–December 23, 1776” by Thomas Paine (GGB Vol. 6, pp. 461-468; Crisis Papers number 1)
  4. Cosmic View by Kees Boeke (GGB Vol. 8, pp. 600-644; the link takes you to the first page of the book’s text, and you can proceed from there)
  5. To the Reader” by Michel de Montaigne (GBWW Vol. 23, p. 49)
  6. Montaigne; or, the Skeptic” by Ralph Waldo Emerson (GGB Vol. 10, pp. 546-562)
We have links to everything this week so those following along without the books are in for a treat!

Watched the documentary on Anthony Robbins on Netflix.  I really enjoyed it.  Early readers of my blog know my history with NLP and self-improvement.  How cool would it be to attend a Superfly Seminar?  I wouldn't charge $5, least not right away!

Stay in touch!


Do I Have My Kidneys?

If you want to know the type of life I have, imagine waking up after a night of drinking and asking yourself the subject question.  It was Saturday morning and I sat up covered in my own sweat, but I was in my own house.  That's a good sign.  Then the interrogation - how did I get here?  When did I get home?

"Baaaabe?" I gurgled.

"Hmmm?"  My wife was here and talking to me.  I automatically knew I had my kidneys then.

Washing up in the bathroom I found my first clue:
Tattoo on right forearm

It didn't hurt which meant it was a temporary tattoo.  How did I get a temporary tattoo?  Please tell me I didn't stumble into a kids party.  I'm already lifetime banned from Chuck E. Cheese's over a relationship gone wrong with one of the band members.
Helen Henny broke my heart to travel with the band
I checked my credit card charges to see if I could find some answers.  Unfortunately, there are two versions of Superfly.  Sober Superfly is average Joe Cool.  Drinking Superfly turns into Jason Bourne, only uses cash, has a specific set of skills, and can be difficult to trace.  In fact, Drinking Superfly caused Blockbuster to go out of business because he never returned Arnold Schwarzenegger's hit 1996 film Eraser on VHS.

I checked my phone for more clues.  Luckily, my Maps app took me back to Pacifico Cantina on 8th Street in DC.  I don't remember much, but I consider this the sign of a good bar.  I do have one video of the bartender making an Old Fashioned for me that I must have planned to upload as evidenced by me yelling "shakey, shakey, shakey" as he was mixing it.  You know me...if it was funny I would have posted it.  With all the sadness in the world, this video would have resulted in many people just giving up on life.

Other evidence suggests that I did make a bunch of new friends that I don't remember or have a way to contact. I recall a crossbow-wielding vampire-hunting redhead and a Wonder Woman lookalike. Of course, this was after a couple pitchers of margaritas so I may have been talking to a poster.  To you guys, thanks for hanging out...apparently I had a blast.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Superfly was on business and only just arrived back late that same night.  Otherwise she would have been checking for kidneys too.  So to celebrate the intactness of my innards we went out to eat at a place that I'm about to tell you about but first I'm required by law to give you a public service announcement.

Do you love bacon?  The place I'm about to reveal to you specializes in all pork.  Get your buffet pants.  You have been warned.

The Pig at 14th St NW in DC is a farm to table "celebration of the whole animal."  I can't explain it as well as I can show it.
Bacon Bloody Mary, Chicken & Waffle, Pork Benedict
We used OpenTable to grab immediate reservations.  The beautiful thing about OpenTable is you can pay your bill from the app with Apple Pay.

All together it was a great weekend that will only take several weeks to recover from.